Chocolate Fountain


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Can be used with fruit, crackers, marshmallows, a variety of snacks can also be made to the relatives and friends, both personally produced a special health has its own mind

Use these steps:
1. Place a large fountain near the outlet of a body on the solid platform.
2. It was a tight (note that the three holes below the tower must be stuck with the three pillars of a large stainless steel bowl on the body, so that the tower can only be installed tight, tight fitted tower will not shake.
3. Insert the screw into the tower inside, align the holes fitted tight.
4. Adjust the bottom of the fountain plastic feet, leveling the fountain machine If the Fountain tilt, it will affect the formation of the effect of chocolate waterfall.
5. After installing the fountain machine and leveling, please plug in the power, first press the left heat (heating) button, preheat two minutes, then put a good 2-4 pounds melted chocolate poured into large stainless steel bowl, press the right side of the fountian (run) button screw rotates, the top of the chocolate was taken to the tower and the tower Huanhuandecong fall down forming a, chocolate waterfall, chocolate flavor also will be distributed out (Note: in order to preserve the aroma of chocolate to avoid deterioration or burnt chocolate, we recommend using our matching machine to melt the chocolate melted chocolate)
* Good chocolate is melted state: stick some chocolate with a spoon quickly raised, chocolate can flow smoothly into the line down.
6. The user can use the fork biscuits, fruit, cotton candy and other kinds of food, from chocolate dipped chocolate waterfall, enjoy a good look (Note: in order to avoid time in eating melted chocolate dripping clothes on the chocolate dipped after a few moments, to be solidified before the appearance of the chocolate into the mouth.
7. Please note, do not put food poured into the chocolate fountain inside. This will affect the formation of the effect of the fountain, and even put a screw stuck, can not move, and cause the machine to malfunction.
8. If a long time, relatively high concentration of relatively viscous chocolate, add the right amount of edible vegetable oil diluted (Never use water to Greek release)
9. After use, please send the respective left and right button click stop the, machine work, until the machine is completely stopped working, aside from the plug socket.

* Do not put chocolate and water are mixed together.
* Do not run out of food and good chocolate chocolate dipped need strong odor away from food and food products.
* Fountain machine such as a halfway stop during operation, start again, please make sure the chocolate is melted state (can not be solidified and very thick This will affect its rotation).
* You can not melt the chocolate in the fountain bowl on the product.

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